6 weeks treatment plan

The treatment starts with the initial blood test. We want to check the current state of health of a Patient. The results are ready the day after, just for the first consultation.

  First consultation

The first consultation with our doctor lasts 2 hours. It is long enough to gather a thorough interview, review patient’s medical documentation, find out if there is a need of additional tests towards the diseases. After that there is still time for a doctor to answer all of the questions and resolve doubts and prepare Medical Protocol to follow.


Right after the consultation additional tests are performed. A treatment consists of intravenous antibiotics, vitamins and minerals. Our integrative treatments include also Whole-Body Hyperthermia, Oxygen therapy, Ozone therapy, Supplementation and more.

During the 6-week treatment Medical Protocol may change. It depends on tests’ results, outcome of follow-up consultations, filled weekly reports and of course on Patients reactions.

Next consultations last always 1 hour.

At the end of a treatment a summarizing consultation takes place during which the doctor prepares the Treatment Plan to follow by a Patient at home and agreeing on the next steps.