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Medicine is our mission


We treat according to the rules of medical practice based on proofs – EBP (Evidence Base Practice).


EBP is a compilation of clinical experience, values important for Patients and best accessible research in process of diagnostics and care.


We employ ILADS certified doctors in order to apply Personalised & Integrative Lyme Disease Treatment Plans. Read more about ILADS here. Read...

We offer Personalized & Supportive Oncological Treatments that include: Consultations: detailed interviews and medical protocols, Diagnostics: cutting-edge tests based on...

One perfect diet, suitable for everybody doesn’t exists. That’s why we believe in individualized diet treatment conformed to patient’s condition...


dr Krzysztof Majdyło

As a Chief Doctor of St. Luke’s Clinic he’s responsible for: Managing the doctors and all other medical personnel, Chairing our internal doctor’s medical councils, Choosing of the collaborating clinics, doctors and laboratories; Choosing of the therapies and medicines, Developing a structure of the medical protocols used by our doctors....

Tadeusz Dąbrowski

Dr. Tadeusz Dąbrowski is a graduate from the Medical University of Gdańsk. He is a member of the Medical Team managed by dr. Majdyło. He is involved in treatment of ­Lyme and associated diseases. His field of interest are modern therapies. He speaks both English and Norwegian.

dr Katarzyna Majdyło

Areas of experience: Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care, Pain Management, Palliative Medicine.

dr Szymon Grzywacz

Areas of experience: Ozone therapy: Vice president of the Polish Ozone Therapy Society,  Member of the European Association of Medical Ozone Societies, qualifying doctor for the Ozone Therapy; Internal medicine.

Marta Paluszek-Rzyska

General practitioner during specialization. In our clinic she deals with the treatment of chronic infections associated with Lyme disease and tick-bite diseases, as well as autoimmune diseases including Hashimoto. She is particularly interested in searching for possible causes of autoimmune diseases in the environment and diet. She is part of...

Adrian Rzyski

Pediatrician (during specialisation). In our clinic he is responsible for treatment of the youngest patients with chronic infections related to lyme and tick bite illnesses. He cooperates with dr. Krzysztof Majdyło. In his practice, he uses the available solutions of modern medicine, holistic approach and the principle of partnership between...

dr Danuta Marcinowska

Areas of experience: Borreliosis and coinfections: trained by ILADS in treating Borreliosis and coinfections, Internal medicine.

dr Adam Biernacki

Areas of experience: Borreliosis and coinfections: trained by ILADS in treating Borreliosis and coinfections, Oncology: certified doctor in oncological therapy by the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Hyperthermie and Parmenides Praxis-Klinik in Bochum in Germany, Internal medicine, Geriatrics.

Klaudia Brzywcy-Nosowicz

She graduated masters studies at medical University of Gdańsk in clinical nutrition and post grad studies at Academy of Physical Education and Sports in Gdańsk.   Areas of experience: She prepares individual diets for Patients suffering from oncological, tick-borne, immune system diseases and digestive issues; She also prepares the personalized...


January 08

Can Lyme Disease be a chronic disease?

Interview with doctor ADAM BIERNACKI - internist dealing with among others treatment of tick-borne diseases as well as chronic ones...

January 04

Diet – indispensable element of therapy

Interview with KLAUDIA BRZYWCY - clinical dietician dealing with, among others patients with Lyme disease.     Does the diet...