Treatment at the St. Luke’s Center in the current epidemiological situation

We continue to treat our patients while maintaining the highest safety standards and taking special precautions. Thanks to the implementation of a number of preventive measures, additional hygiene procedures and changed work organization, we bring effective help to the patients.

Treatment at the St. Luke’s Center in the current epidemiological situation

We check patients’ health
Health verification is mandatory and is carried out several times – during a telephone conversation, when arranging an appointment, as well as during the registration at the Center.
Please, do not be surprised by the consultants’ request to answer some additional questions and / or complete the survey.
Our employees routinely ask about:
  • Presence of flu-like symptoms that could indicate infection
  • Recent trips to regions particularly affected by the pandemic
  • Contact with people who could potentially be infected or who could be carriers of the virus
  • Exposure to other risk factors for virus infection
If there are reasons to do so, the consultant may cancel the visit and refer you to a specialist facility. They may also suggest a remote consultation to discuss the next steps with the doctor.
For the sake of shared safety, please do not come to the Center with accompanying persons (including children, if they don’t have consultation, diagnostics or surgery appointment). If you experience any disturbing symptoms that may indicate infection, please contact us by phone and do not come to the Medical Center.

Remote visits and limited stay

In a situation where physical presence in the Center is not absolutely necessary, we recommend all patients to use remote medical consultations via Skype or telephone.
Teleconsultation has the same medical value as a direct visit, and limits the risks associated with a coronavirus epidemic.
Our Center has many years of experience in conducting teleconsultations.

Precautions and changes in the organization of work at the Clinic

To protect your health and ensure safety, we have implemented specific procedures related to hygiene, limitation of direct contact and movement, as well as minimizing the risk to the personnel.
We adhere to strict safety, hygiene and antiseptic principles.

In the context of coronavirus threat, we have implemented preventive measures:

  • monitoring the health of patients and employees
  • complementary disinfection procedures for common spaces and offices
  • ongoing disinfection of door handles and other everyday items
  • additional disinfection points for staff and patients
  • increased control of compliance with preventive measures, including ventilation and sterilization of rooms, maintaining distance between patients in waiting rooms

Changes in the Clinics’ work organization, minimizing direct contact:

  • recommendations for remote visits; stationary consultations are appointed only in case of strictly requiring patient’s personal presence;
  • ongoing health monitoring of employees who are in contact with patients
  • only a team of necessary staff is present at the Medical Center at a time
To ensure continuity of medical processes – we have shortened the working time and introduced a shift work system based on the interchangeability of entire teams.