Eat better

In a situation where we do not have access to fresh vegetables and fruits, some processed products are an acceptable alternative. Good quality tomato passata or frozen vegetables and fruits can be very helpful, but beware, there might be some traps here. Some vegetable mixes contain added palm oil and sugar. Spice bags attached to vegetables often have an admixture of glutamate or other flavor enhancers. Remember to read the composition carefully before buying any food products.


Liver with forest fruits

Soak the liver in buttermilk, clean and rinse. Braise the red onion with salt and oil. After a while, add frozen forest fruits and balsamic vinegar. When fruits are slightly caramelized, add the liver and stew 5-6 minutes. Serve with sauerkraut and quinoa.

Chicken liver (200g)

Sugar onion or ordinary onion (100g)

Portion of sauerkraut (50g)

1 spoon of balsamic vinegar (16g)

1 spoon of cold pressed rapeseed oil (12g)

Portion of quinoa (30g)

½  a pack of frozen forest fruits (200g)



Homemade letcho

Fry the onions in oil with salt and add good quality sirloin. One by one add: chopped zucchini, pepper, tomato and mushrooms and stew together for about 15-20 minutes. Season with oregano, sweet pepper, salt, pepper and thyme.

Half of average courgette (100g)

1 average Tomato (240g)

1 large onion (30g)

½ a piece of red pepper (120g)

2 pieces of Sopot sirloin (60g)

1 spoon of cold pressed rapeseed oil (12g)

5 big white mushrooms (155g)

Portion of buckwheat (not roasted) (50g)




Fry the onions in oil with salt and good quality sirloin. After a while, add chopped carrots and strained sauerkraut. Simmer a few minutes. After a while, add the sliced mushrooms. Season with salt, pepper and marjoram. Braise mushrooms until tender.

Sauerkraut (200g)

Sopot sirloin (30g)

1 spoon old pressed rapeseed oil (12g)

½ a piece of small sugar onion or ordinary onion

1 medium carrot (45g)

6 big white mushrooms (186g)