World Heart Day

Some heart-to-heart tips for a healthy heart:

1. Smoking is a misfire. According to scientific studies, smoking increases the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease by 25-40%. Tar substances, toxins, and nicotine are harmful not only to the respiratory system but to the entire body. Harmful agents get into the blood vessels straight from the lungs and affect blood pressure, heart function, and oxygen transport.

2. Physical activity adapted to the abilities and age of each person has a beneficial effect on cardiac health, regulates blood pressure, and slows the progression of atherosclerosis.

3. Diet favorable to the heart does not have to be low-fat, what matters is the type of fat you consume. Eat less saturated animal-based fat and more good quality unsaturated fat. Take care of the proper supply of Omega 3 fatty acids. Eat cold-pressed olive oil, fatty fish from good sources, walnuts, avocados, flax, and cold-pressed linseed oil. Take OMEGA 3 supplements if necessary. Avoid fried food – even the healthiest fat deteriorates in high temperatures.

4. Not only unhealthy fats affect cardiac health, but also the quantity and quality of carbohydrates you eat. Avoid sweets, products with additional sugar, and sweetened drinks, as they can also adversely affect your cholesterol levels. Remember that brown sugar or coconut sugar has the same disadvantages as white sugar.

5. Get enough rest and sleep. Exposure to chronic stress is very unhealthy for your heart. It is impossible to live without stress, but you can learn to deal with it. Take magnesium supplements, use relaxation techniques, or relieve bad emotions during physical activity. Find space for hobbies or anything you like. Everyone should find their recipe for a stress-free vacation.