Time for mushrooms

Autumn is the perfect time to include mushrooms in your menu. They have an interesting taste and many uses in cuisine, but do they have any health-promoting properties?

Depending on the species, they also contain a significant amount of protein, which is why they are eagerly used in diets that restrict animal protein sources. Mushrooms are also very low in calories and carbohydrates.

There were also some indications of the potential anti-cancer effect of substances contained in mushrooms. Their disadvantages include the fact that mushrooms are relatively difficult to digest, therefore people suffering from digestive problems, SIBO, or gastritis should avoid them. You should always buy mushrooms from a reliable source because some of their species can be deadly. So how to use mushrooms in the kitchen to make the dish not only tasty but also healthy?

Oyster mushroom tripe:

peel and chop the onions, carrots, and oyster mushrooms. Put everything in a pan with oil, season with a pinch of turmeric and salt, and stew for a while. Pour a liter of boiling water or organic vegetable broth, add the tomato puree, 2 bay leaves, a lot of marjoram, a teaspoon of sweet pepper, and a pinch of chili. Cook for 10 minutes.

This dish is a very low-calorie and delicious option that can replace classic tripe. Additionally, it’s very low in carbohydrates.

Products       Weight [g]       Measurement
Oyster mushrooms, raw        250
Sweet onion or regular onion        60       1 small-sized
Carrot        105       1 medium-sized
Tomato puree (or 1 whole tomato)        60       2 tablespoons
Cold-pressed rapeseed oil        12       1 tablespoon