Safety rules

We would like to inform you that despite the introduction of the red zone, our Center is working as usual. Medical consultations are fully available – stationary, online, or by phone.

Our patients are obliged to follow the sanitary safety rules, therefore it is necessary to:

– make appointments in advance and appear at the Center at the exact scheduled time

– wear a mask or helmet that covers the mouth and nose

– disinfect hands

– wait for diagnostic tests, treatment, or visit in a designated place

– reduce the time spent in the clinic to the necessary minimum

– do not come with an accompanying person

In addition, we would like to remind you that before each visit we verify the health of our patients in several steps and measure body temperature.

Our consultants may also ask you to answer a few additional questions and/or complete a survey.

Our team is equipped with special personal protective gear, after each patient we disinfect the common space (chairs, tables, door handles, etc.) with additional disinfection several times a day, and every week there is full disinfection of the clinic, carried out by a specialized company.