We are open!

Polish borders are open to international visitors. Quarantine is not required if negative test results against the coronavirus (SARS CoV-2) are provided, which can’t be older than 48 hours. All types of negative test results are accepted.

Stationary consultations instead of online ones

We’ve been doing many things to make ourselves available online to our Patients since March 2020. Of course, online consultations though available to everyone had their disadvantages too. Unfortunately, it meant a lack of IVs, various therapies e.g. SOTs, Whole-body hyperthermia, Oxygen, and Ozone therapies that are essential to fight Lyme or cancer diseases.

In response to the growing demand from our international Patients, we invite them to come for stationary consultations and treatments to our clinic in Gdańsk. It’s great news to the international Patients of St. Luke’s Clinic, but there is still more good news below.


The hotels are reopen. But no matter if they are open or not, there are many flats and apartments of various sizes and prices that are immediately available. We could assist our Patients in finding a fully furnished flat / apartment.


The restaurants are still closed . But they provide takeaway meals. The meals could be ordered online and delivered within 30-60 minutes to any place in Gdańsk. There’s also an abundance of websites with breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and suppers. The cuisines include Polish, Italian, Spanish, Mexican, Tai, Indian, Fish, Veg, and other cuisines.


We could arrange for you pickups from the airport and delivery to your rented flats/apartments. Also transportation to and from our clinic by car. In case you would like to do it all on your own then Uber could be the best option. The average price varies from Euro 4 to Euro 6, so it’s really cheap.

Shopping malls

The shopping malls are open with restricted number of clients allowed to get inside.


The cinemas are open with restricted number of viewers allowed to get inside.


When you would like to book your treatment at St. Luke’s Clinic please contact info@swietylukasz.pl