Easter on diet

As every year, we have special recipes for low carb/keto dishes from our dietitian, Klaudia Brzywcy-Nosowicz. Easter can be delicious and healthy, check it out!

  • Breakfast

Egg-fish paste with avocado: 

Hard-boil the egg. Lightly crush all ingredients and put them in a bowl. Season with pepper and salt and mix well. You can season with chives or red onion.

product weight [g] home measurment
Avocado 70 1/2 fruit
Smoked salmon 50 2 slices
Hard-boiled egg 60 1 medium
Chives 5 at your discretion
Plain Greek yoghurt 20 1 table spoon


  • Second breakfast

Apricot and oat muffins: 

Preheat the oven to 180*C, soak the oats in milk. Add flour, chopped apricots and chopped apple, stir well. Bake for 20 minutes in muffin forms.

product weight [g] home measurment
Mountain oats 100
Oat flour 52 2.80 table spoon
Dried apricots 60
Apple 180 1 fruit
Almond milk 164 0.68 glass


  • Dinner

KETO White borscht: 

Stew the chopped onion with salt and bacon in olive oil. Then add the sliced ​​carrots and parsley root. Pour boiling water over it and add the chopped white sausage. Boil the sausages with allspice and bay leaf until tender. Add cream and horseradish, stir well. Serve with fresh green parsley and hard-boiled egg, cut in half.

product weight [g] home measurment
White sausage 100
Carrot 50
Onion 100 1 medium
Cold pressed olive oil 12 1 table spoon
Root parsley 50 1 medium
Grated horseradish (bought in the jar) 5 1 tea spoon
cream 18% fat 50
Smoked bacon 20
Whole egg 50 1 medium