Dear Patients, many of you are looking for information about the sanitary and epidemiological situation and the current restrictions in Poland when planning to visit our Center. For the sake of your safety, we recommend checking out official government announcements: If you have additional questions, we are at your disposal:

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Microbiom and COVID-19

In the face of pandemic we are looking for solutions that will help us to fight with the pathogen. Scientists observe course of infection among different patients to find out what decides of gentle or severe progression of COVID-19. How to identify high risk group? Is only age decisive for the severe course of COVID-19? And if so, how to

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Supplementation during the coronavirus epidemic

What can you take to boost your immune system? What natural substances, minerals or vitamins can help the body during coronavirus infection? Use common sense during the epidemic. On the one hand, there are experts claiming that they have a perfect solution that prevents or treats coronavirus infection. However, such measures do not exist and such advice should not be

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