Lifestyle & immunity

In these uncertain times everyone tries to introduce some lifestyle changes, to improve own immunity and resistance against some pathogens. We must remember though that strengthening of immune system is a process and requires combination of many factors to be effective. There are some products and tricks that we can use to improve our immunological capacity. In this publication we

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Eat better – reach for legumes!

Stacks of dry products with a long shelf life are piled up in your storage, and you don’t know what to cook with them? Reach for legumes! Of course, if you are not struggling with intestinal problems or increased sensitivity to this kind of food. Legumes: they are a source of carbohydrates, but to a much lesser extent than flour

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Eat better

In a situation where we do not have access to fresh vegetables and fruits, some processed products are an acceptable alternative. Good quality tomato passata or frozen vegetables and fruits can be very helpful, but beware, there might be some traps here. Some vegetable mixes contain added palm oil and sugar. Spice bags attached to vegetables often have an admixture

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