Diet during oncological treatment

We believe that nutrition is one of crucial risk factors of diseases. Same as bad nutrition can cause damage in the body proper, well balanced and healthy one can improve patient’s condition and even heal some illnesses. That’s why nutrition is so important during oncological treatment. There is no one, universal protocol for everybody. Everyone is different that’s why diet should be individualised. In some cases we recommend ketogenic diet for oncological patients, but there are some patients who need some other way. We always do all to optimise treatment by diet and provide nutritional comfort to the patients. The worst thing that could happened to a patient during oncological therapy from nutritional point of view is malnutrition. That’s why we advise well balanced diet and supplementation to prevent that.

When keto diet is recommended?

In many cases keto diet is really good option, especially when you started other oncological therapies. It should improve treatment results and cancer’s response to the therapy. Particularly when tumour is located somewhere in cerebrum  we recommend keto diet, cause it can improve patient’s condition and prevent seizures. Also when we assess that cancer cells are dependent on IGF (Insulin Growth Factor) the keto diet should be one of therapies.

Is keto diet the only option?

There are some cases when keto is maybe not inadvisable but extremally difficult to follow. Tumour located on pancreas or liver can affect fat digestion so high fat diet may be too much inconvenience for the patient. In that case we offer different personal protocol to make sure that patient has enough nutrients.

Key supplement for oncological patient

The biggest nutritional problem among oncological patients is protein malnutrition. Because of oxidative stress, increased protein need after surgery and mobilisation of immune system, protein becomes one of key nutrients. It is very important to introduce proper protein supplementation during therapy. The most effective supplementation, that should be introduced especially in keto diet, is aminoacides. Recommended products are Essentiale Aminosauren and Dr. Reinwald Aminoacides.