First steps

Comprehensiveness is what distinguishes us

In our clinic we provide an integrated approach to diagnosis and treatment and so we are able to help Patients efficiently. The right diagnosis is put basing on the joint effort of an experienced team of doctors and on a large range of diagnostic tests. Only then the most optimal treatment for a given Patient is implemented.

We are not satisfied with mediocrity

We pride ourselves on innovation and on the highest quality. Basing on the experience and proven methods we are looking for the best solutions among the latest achievements in medicine. We deal with comprehensive diagnostics and treatment of chronic diseases so to help those Patients who have exhausted standard treatment options. We are constantly developing.

First visit

At the first consultation the doctor analyzes medical documentation and sets up a treatment plan, and if necessary, performs additional tests. It lasts 2 hours and can be done both stationary and remotely – via the Zoom application or telephone. The initial blood test that is required for the first appointment is taken in the clinic the day before. Appointments take place every month or two. It depends on the needs. The treatments in the clinic may consist of intravenous infusions, hyperthermia, ozone therapy and oxygen therapy. A Patient visits the clinic every day. In order to make the best use of the given possibilities and conduct optimal treatment we recommend our Patients to stay for a longer time and undergo treatment in a stationary mode. In such case we help a Patient to find a convenient place to stay in.

Before the first visit, basic tests should be performed:
  • Panel for Lyme disease Patients (morphology, ALT, AST, TSH, FT3, FT4, creatinine, electrolytes, D3 25(OH), B12, general urine test, ATPO, ATG, total bilirubin, GGTP) – 390 PLN
  • Panel for oncological Patients (morphology with smear, ALT, AST, TSH, LDH, creatinine, electrolytes, D3 25(OH), B12, general urine test, albumin, quantitative CRP) – 270 PLN
Consultation fees in St. Luke’s Clinic:
  • First visit – 800 PLN
  • Next visit – 500 PLN

The price of the first consultation will also include:

  • Analysis of level of trace elements in the body, vitamins acid-base balans, heavy metals contamination, activities of individual systems by using Vieva device,
  • 1 hour dietitian consultation including analysis of nutritional habits, dietary strategy to support treatment in particular diseases, educational materials for following the plan.




If you’re interested in consultation with one of our doctors please do the following

1. Download the questionnaires below.

2. Fill them in.

3. Send them in their original formats to with your contact details.

We’ll give you a call to discuss your case and present you options of a treatment.

Sometimes our e-mails go to SPAM folder. In case you don’t receive any answer to your e-mail within 24 hours, please call us on +48 535 931 931.