Is there a waiting list? If yes, how long shall I wait for the consultation?

The approximate waiting time is 1 month.

   What are the costs?

The cost of the treatment vary from Patient to Patient. We treat our Patients individually and holistically to fit their needs. Therefore, the exact costs are given after the first consultation.

   How long does the first consultation last?

First consultation lasts 2 hours.

   What language do we communicate in?

Although in general we use English to communicate with our international Patients, some of the crew members speak French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian and Russian. However, as these people might not be available all the time, we provide contact details to translators in Gdańsk.

   Do you send prescriptions?

Yes, we send prescriptions by post if there is such a need.

   Do you recommend any apartments/hotels to stay in?

Yes, we provide apartments for our Patients. For more information please visit: https://www.apartments4rent.pl/.


First contact:

  Telephone No. + 48 881 912 388 / + 48 728 885 550 / + 48 501 067 291

  E-mail: info@swietylukasz.pl

  Application form: Fill it in with your personal data – we will contact you in order to share the general information about our clinic.