Since Ancient Times fever has been associated with infection and inflammation. Later, it was considered a natural protective response, and fevers were induced by physicians to combat infections. However, due to antipyretic drugs physicians started to reduce fever and fever therapy was virtually abandoned. Recently, fever as a natural body defence response has reemerged.

In St. Luke’s Clinic hyperthermia is conducted as an experiment approved by Bioethics Committee.


  Whole-body Hyperthermia

Many chronically ill Patients don’t experience fever for many years because their immune system doesn’t work well. We use mild fever-range hyperthermia to help them. Scientists found evidence that ‘CD8+ cytotoxic T-cell’ (capable of destroying virus-infected cells and tumour cells) is enhanced by it.


  • Direct destruction of tumour cells 

Elevated inner body temperature can directly damage cancer cells.

  • Stimulation of the Immune System

When the immune system is weak or doesn’t work well, Whole-body Hyperthermia treatment helps the body defend itself by imitating well-working immune system.

  • Improved Effectiveness of the Chemotherapy

Cells which are resistant to a certain drug can respond to the same drug in combination with heat-therapy. Hyperthermia enhances tissue perfusion and facilitates the absorption of active pharmaceutical ingredients through the cell membrane. Under the influence of heat chemical reaction accelerates. Therefore, chemotherapy becomes more effective and less toxic.

  •  Improved Effectiveness of the Radiotherapy

Hyperthermia is considered the best radiotherapeutic synthesiser and pain killer. It enhances the oxygenation and perfusion of hypnotic cells and as a consequence the ionizing radiation increases 3 times. This way radiotherapeutic activity becomes 1.5–5 times more effective.

  • Detoxication

The lack of proper removal of toxins from the body is responsible for many oncological disease symptoms. Better blood supply and substantial perspiration induced by hyperthermia improve detoxication.

  • Improved Function of Mitochondria

Chronic inflammation and infections affect the formation of Mitochondriopathy. This results not only in chronic fatigue but also in disruption of many metabolic processes. The energy produced in a mitochondria is needed for proper function of every part of human’s body. Hyperthermia repairs damaged mitochondria and improves its functioning. This results in a better production of energy (ATP).


Usage: alone or in combination with the local hyperthermia for all types of cancer excluding brain cancer and leukaemia.


  Local Hyperthermia works only on a desired area e.g., brain, skin or organ.

  • Works by increasing locally the tumour temperature in a controlled way.
  • Benefits of enhancing the impact of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and supporting the immune system.


Usage: together with Whole-body Hyperthermia for all types of cancer excluding leukaemia.