In times of a pandemic, health has become more important than ever before. Facing increasing threats and burden to the health care system, our task is to prevent infection and give support during active COVID-19 infection to avoid conditions requiring hospitalization. Using all currently available medical knowledge, our experience, and resources, we have prepared a package of medical consultations to protect your health and the health of your loved ones.



1) are in an increased risk group, want to prepare for potential infection, invest in their health and strengthen immunity,

2) are currently infected with COVID-19 and need support in their recovery,

3) have had an infection but still struggle with some symptoms, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, weakness, brain fog, pain issues, etc.


The first consultation is the beginning of the process, during which you will be under the care of our Center. The first visit takes place online, but it is possible to use the therapies stationary, according to the doctor’s recommendation.

The offer is not covered by the contract with the National Health Fund, therefore both medical consultations, as well as the prescribed tests and medications are fully paid. Cost of the visit – 500 PLN.



1) Contact – you will receive a questionnaire to fill in and an appointment will be made.

2) Medical visit – you will receive recommendations, including prescriptions, sick leave (if necessary), orders for diagnostic tests, and supplementation.

3) Contact with a medical assistant – continuously during the infection or in emergency situations (if you need it)

4) Control visit after 6 weeks – we will verify your health status and make further recommendations.