One perfect diet, suitable for everybody doesn’t exists. That’s why we believe in individualized diet treatment conformed to patient’s condition and comorbidities. Because of that we put a lot of effort to prepare diets matching patient’s lifestyle and culinary preferences. Based on medical history, lab tests and in close cooperation with physician  we prepare personalized diets to optimize treatment and support healing process.

Diet doesn’t have to be boring to be healthy!

Types of diets:

  • Diet supporting lyme treatment
  • Diagnostics and therapy of food intolerances
  • Diagnostics and therapy of mikrobiom dysbiosis
  • Diet in diabetes and insulin resistance
  • Diet in autoimmune diseases
  • Oncological diet
  • Ketogenic and LCHF diets
  • Sports nutrition
  • Diet after surgery
  • Pediatric nutrition
  • Therapy of obesity
  • Diet in thyroid diseases
  • Diet in PCOS