We administer medicines and supplements by the means of infusions or injections. In most cases, they’re the most effective methods of administering them into the human body.


We administer medicines and supplements by the means of infusions or injections.


Modern approach to Lyme disease treatment takes into account a combination of medicines and adequate supplementation with vitamins, minerals and herbs. We have in our shop only positively approved supplements that are manufactured by the well-known and trusted suppliers.

  HYPERTHERMIA – Whole-body hyperthermia

Hyperthermia is used to simulate fever by increasing human’s body internal temperature to the temperatures characteristic for natural fever. When Hyperthermia is used together with the antibiotics it substantially increases their effectiveness in Lyme disease and Chronic Infections treatments.

In St. Luke’s Clinic hyperthermia is conducted as an experiment approved by Bioethics Committee.

  OXYGEN  THERAPY: Interval Hypoxia-Hyperoxia Therapy

Oxygen Therapy is based on changing amount of oxygen from 18 to 36% in the inhaled air provided. It’s a non-pharmacological, physical method to accelerate rehabilitation and cell regeneration of Patients with chronic and degenerative diseases. It destroys exhausted mitochondria and accelerates the proliferation of healthy ones.


Ozone is colourless gas made up of three Oxygen atoms. We administer it to Patients intravenously, intravaginally or rectally. Ozone Therapy is used as a supportive therapy to improve body’s absorption use of Oxygen and to activate the immune system.


Hippocrates stated: “He who knows nothing about nutrition cannot cure”.

Appropriate changes in a diet and introduction of the correct dietary habits are the essential components in holistic Lyme disease treatment. We prescribe Patients dedicated diets.