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Specialist in internal diseases, vice president of the Polish Society of Ozonotherapy (PTOzon), Member of the European Cooperation of Medical Ozone Societies, as well as the Association of Polish Internal Medicine and the Society of Integrated Medicine Doctors.

A graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw, he’s gained medical experience working at the Cardiology Clinic at the Bielański Hospital in Warsaw for several years. Previously, he had training in internal medicine under the care of a National Consultant in the field of Internal Medicine prof. Jacek Imieli.

He is constantly expanding his knowledge based on numerous courses and training in Poland and abroad, including Zurich, Bucharest, Berlin, Rome, Canton (Guangzhou, China).

Areas of experience:

  • Ozonotherapy
  • Borreliosis and coinfections
  • Therapies supporting oncological treatment
  • Internal medicine
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